Kartik Khatau

Artworks By Businessman-Artist Kartikeya J Khatau

Art GalleryKartikeya J Khatau exhibited his art works at the Nehru Centre art gallery

Kartik’s inspiration as an artist comes from nature. Born in Mumbai, in 1971, he is a home-schooled artist who has travelled all over the country as a child and adult. He has been to most of the major national parks in India for safaris and is happy to paint nature in all its beauty and vibrancy of colours. He uses acrylics, palette knives, and brushes, and has even dabbled with watercolours, selling his work immediately. Whether it’s a tranquil Buddha, a solemn tiger that he saw in Corbett, a group of horses running in abstract format, or numerous land and seascapes inspired by real life, Kartik has explored all art mediums. He is a lover of music and has to listen to music while he paints. Kartik participated in his first group exhibition at the Nehru Centre Art Gallery from 27th December 2022 to 1st January 2023, and has sold works in the USA, Qatar, and India.

How To Purchase

For any queries, or to make a purchase, please contact Kartik at [email protected]. Please include the Title of the artwork(s) in the email for reference. Packaging and delivery charges on actual basis.